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Help China Address Climate Change

Although China has become the world’s largest emitter of greenhouse gases and is still highly dependent on dirty coal, the country is moving aggressively to tackle climate change and transition to a more sustainable development path. With climate change reducing China’s already limited water supplies and agricultural resources, and raising the sea levels near its coastal cities, the government has committed to reducing its carbon intensity by 40-45 percent from 2005 levels and increasing the share of non-fossil energy sources to 15 percent of overall energy consumption by 2020.

Since 1996, NRDC has worked to help the Chinese government develop policy solutions that can help China to develop sustainably and curb greenhouse gas emissions.  NRDC focuses on the intersection between climate and energy, and work to promote policies that can scale up clean energy resources like energy efficiency and renewable energy. 

 Help Improving the Implementation of China’s Landmark Renewable Energy Law
 Strengthens Efforts to Foster Collaboration between the U.S. and China on Climate and Clean Energy
 Advanced Energy Technology
 Coal Cap

Beijing Plans Gas-fired Future to Solve Problem (Sep. 28, 2013)
NRDC Global Nuclear Reactor Database is Introduced (Mar. 2013)
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Energy-hungry China Seeks Shale Gas Supremacy (Dec. 2012)
View of Chinese NGOs on Doha Climate Conference: Doha Talks Stalled in Ambition and Equity While the Process Carries On (Dec. 2012)
Solar Powers China's March Toward Sustainability (Nov. 2012)
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Climate and Energy Priorities for China at Rio+20 (May 2012)
Design Tips for a Carbon Market (Mar. 2012)
China's Carbon Tax is Very Real (Jan. 2012)

Regulating the Environmental Effects of the Coal-Fired Electricity Life-Cycle: U.S. Permitting Experience and Policy Recommendations for China (Feb. 2013)
Lessons Learned - A Path Toward Responsible Development of China’s Shale Gas Resources (Aug. 2012)
In Fracking’s Wake - New Rules are Needed to Protect Our Health and Environment from Contaminated Wastewater (Aug. 2012)
Leaking Profits The U.S. Oil and Gas Industry Can Reduce Pollution, Conserve Resources, and Make Money by Preventing Methane Waste (Aug. 2012)
Climate Change and A Role of Civil Society (Jul. 2011)
Introduction of the Book - In Deep Water on the oil spill disaster in Gulf of Mexico (Oct. 2010)
A Primer on the (Strong) Smart Grid and its Potential for Reducing GHG Emissions in China and the United States (Oct. 2010)
Improving China's Existing Renewable Energy Legal Framework Lessons from the International and Domestic Experience (Oct. 2010)
Putting it into Perspective China’s Carbon Intensity Target (Oct. 2010)
NRDC Tianjin UN Climate Change Conference Official Side Event (Barbara Finamore) (Oct. 2010)

 Promoting Energy Efficiency in Jiangsu

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