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Environmental Open Information: Between Advance & Retreat (Dec. 2010)
China leading the Clean Energy Race – Check out the Facts
Writer: Jake Schmidt
Date: October 14, 2011
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Are you willing to change your lifestyle in order to reduce your environmental footprint?
Yes, I’m happy to follow green tips even if that means reducing comfort or convenience level to some extent, like using a clothesline instead of a dryer;
Yes, but to the extent that comfort and convenience of my life is not sacrificed;
No, companies and government should be responsible for offering choices that consume less and without affecting our lifestyle.
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 What do you think is the most severe and urgent environmental problem in China?
 Which of the following do you think is the main barrier of effectiveness of global efforts on fighting against climate
Peking University NGO Culture Festival
Volunteer activity at University of International Business & Economics (UIBE) in Oct. 2009
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