The 2015-2016 Annual Pollution Information Transparency Index Assessment


Since 2009, the Institute of Public & Environmental Affairs (IPE) and the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) have partnered to evaluate 120 key cities for environmental protection on their disclosure of pollution information. In this year’s assessment, we added a new criterion to assess cities called “Disclosure of Key Pollution-Discharging Entities.” This addition has resulted in a total of 10 criteria being used in our ranking system. Out of 338 prefecture-level cities, 146 cities have already published their own Directory of Key Pollution-Discharging Entities, including 22,022 different types of pollution sources. This figure is nearly three times more than the number of state-monitored pollution sources located in these cities. Adhering to stipulations of the relevant laws and expanding information disclosure practices creates massive potential for new breakthroughs.