Research on Roadmap of Phasing Out Traditional Internal Combustion Vehicles in Public Sectors in Chinese Cities


Chinese cities are facing challenges from air pollution and climate change, which has also triggered the growth of the electrification industry. Therefore, programming the process for  phasing out of traditional fuel vehicles and promoting electrifications can be vital to reducing fuel consumption in urban transportation, alleviating air pollution, and reducing carbon emissions. The report analyzes the phasing out of fuel vehicles in the public sector, which acts as a breakthrough for the complete withdrawal of fuel vehicles. The public sector vehicles will be fully replaced by mainly pure electric vehicles, supplemented by plug-in hybrid power and fuel cell vehicles. This process should start from buses, taxis, vehicle share (TNC vehicles and car share), government vehicles, sanitation vehicles and inner-city freight vehicles. Thus, the report puts forward a timetable and road map for the phasing out plan of fuel vehicles in the public sector. It is expected that the phasing out of fuel vehicles in the public sectors will eventually promote zero-emission travel in all transportation fields. 

(This report is in Chinese only.)