Capping Coal Consumption in Shanxi in the 14th FYP period - A Pathway to Achieve Dual Goals of Peaking Carbon Dioxide Emissions and Improving Air Quality


This report contains a review of Shanxi’s coal consumption during the 13th Five-Year Plan period and an analysis of the factors behind the increase in the province’s coal consumption. With achieving peak carbon dioxide emissions and improving air quality as the guiding framework, the report discusses targets for coal consumption during the 14th Five-Year-Plan Period and concludes that by 2025 1) coal consumption should be capped at 320 - 340 million tons, 2) the share of coal in primary energy consumption should be reduced by around 10%, and 3) the installed capacity of coal-fired plants should be limited to around 70 million kilowatts. To achieve these targets, the report proposes a pathway for reducing coal consumption during the 14th Five-Year-Plan Period, as well as specific policy suggestions and measures for reducing coal in key sectors, including coal power, coking, iron and steel, etc. Province-level targets are also allocated to 11 cities so that implementation is tailored to local conditions.

(The full report is available in Chinese only. Executive Summary is available in English.)