Study on the Transformation of the Coal Power Industry in Shanxi Province Under the “Dual Carbon Goals” of Carbon Emissions Peak and Carbon Neutrality


In 2020, power and heat production accounted for about 40% of the province’s total coal consumption, with carbon dioxide emissions representing about 47% of the province’s total. Thus, power is a key industry of coal consumption and carbon emissions in Shanxi. The report analyzes the status quo and challenges of the coal power industry in Shanxi, looks into the trend of coal power, and concludes that the coal power industry in Shanxi can peak its carbon emissions by 2030. Based on the premise of ensuring energy security, and the principle of coordinating economic development and guaranteeing the ability to meet peak load, the report recommends that Shanxi strictly control the scale of coal power development, promote clean and efficient retrofitting of plants, and speed up improvements to the adaptive capacity of coal power, in order to provide effective support for Shanxi to peak its carbon emissions and to complete construction of the new power system.

The report is only available in Chinese. The executive summary is available in English.