China Building Green Practice Report


In 2005, the first “International Green Building Conference” (by government ministries of MOHURD, MOST, NDRC, MEP) took place. In 2006, China released “Evaluation Standard of Green Building”, a national green building standard, and in 2008 a building labeling system, the “Chinese Green Building Evaluation Label”. Based on several influential green demonstration building practices, The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) helped China develop the national standard and local green building guidelines through the Agenda21 project, the first LEED gold certified building in China; the Beijing Olympic Village was the first LEED gold certified neighborhood in China; the Beijing Energy and Environment Center became the first existing energy retrofit demonstration for a government program; and the PLA Green Demonstration Project was awarded as the first green military facility practice. Apart from high levels of performance for each of these projects, they have had remarkable influence on China’s building strategy and policy. However, there are still barriers for green buildings in China’s construction and renovation market. This paper serves as a window to offer a glimpse into the accomplishments of these structures, and the challenges of moving the largest building construction nation in the world onto the green route.