Minamata Convention on Mercury Ratification and Implementation Manual


The purpose of the Manual is to provide a simple, easy to understand introduction to the Minamata Convention on Mercury (Convention) for those officials who may need information about the Convention and its obligations, and about national activities which may be undertaken in preparation for Convention ratification and implementation.

The Manual is divided into 3 main parts: Introduction and Overview of the Convention, the Convention Control Measures, and the Convention Support Mechanisms. Within the Introduction and Overview, the process leading to the Convention and a general discussion of the Convention contents and ratification is provided. Within the Convention Control Measures part, readers will find a discussion of the primary obligations of the Convention, and some of the key issues that were left unresolved during the negotiations and may be addressed by the Convention after its entry into force. The Convention Support Mechanisms part touches on the various support mechanisms that the Convention provides to Parties in implementing their obligations, including financial, technical, and information modalities.