Salon: Driving the Development of a Smart and Green Power System in China


The New Power System salon @NRDC 

China has installed 27.3 GW of solar panels on rooftops (as of 2021) and sold more than 10 million electric vehicles to households, which constitute a vast amount of distributed energy resources on the power system. To better understand how a modernized and smart power system can use these distributed resources to improve power grid flexibility and resiliency, NRDC held a salon on the New Power System on May 31. Experts from grid companies and research institutes discussed how leveraging advanced information and communication technologies can efficiently and effectively balance out power fluctuations on the generation and demand side, thereby enhancing the power grid’s capacity to accommodate a high share of renewable energy while improving power system reliability. This event is the 10th salon in a series that NRDC has jointly held with the China Energy Research Society to support China’s power sector decarbonization. This event and the experts’ views were widely disseminated by major Chinese media, including China Electricity and Energy and China CPPCC News.