Reducing Non-CO2 Greenhouse Gas Emissions in The Coal Industry


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Reducing methane emissions is one of the key actions for limiting warming in the near term, given its high greenhouse warming impact and the availability of technologies to capture and utilize or destroy emissions. Within China, reducing methane emissions from coal mining, which accounts for around 38% of national methane emissions, is a focus area. In order to promote methane emissions reductions in the coal industry and inform future work in this area, NRDC hosted a discussion with industry experts on May 31 to understand the current situation of methane emissions management in the coal industry and to explore potential solutions and establish future research directions. Participating experts included Director Han Jiaye from the China Coal Information Institute, General Manager Wang Xiao from CECEP Consulting Co., Ltd., Dean Zhao Luzheng from the CCTEG Coal Industry Planning Institute, Deputy Director Ma Cuimei from the National Center for Climate Change Strategy and International Cooperation, Director Cao Dong from the Chinese Academy of Environmental Planning, Professor Zhang Bo from Xiamen University, and Professor Xue Sheng from Anhui University of Science and Technology. The discussion will inform NRDC’s ongoing work on methane emissions management in the coal industry, including developing a methodology for including low-concentration coal mine methane reductions as a China Certified Emissions Reduction credit, addressing emissions from closed and abandoned coal mines, and evaluating the economic competitiveness of methane reduction technologies.