Advocating for a Reliable, Low-carbon and Affordable New Power System at the National Conference on Carbon Neutrality and Green Development


NRDC expert Liu Mingming speaking at the planetary session @NRDC 

Partnering with the Chinese Society for Environmental Sciences, NRDC organized a panel discussion at the 3rd National Conference on Carbon Neutrality and Green Development in Zhuhai on May 27. Xie Zhenhua, China's Special Envoy for Climate Change Affairs, and Dechen Tsering, Director of the Asia and the Pacific Office of UNEP, delivered opening remarks for the conference. NRDC’s panel discussion focused on the challenges and solutions for building a new power system. Experts invited included Jiang Yi (Academician at Chinese Academy of Engineering and Director at Building Energy Efficiency Research Center of Tsinghua University), Yao Qiang (Chief Expert at China Electricity Council), Lin Weibin (Head of Energy Policy Research at China Energy Research Society), Jiang Liping (Consultant at State Grid), Chen He (Deputy Chief Engineer at Electric Power Detection & Research Institute of China Electricity Council),  Zhang Lin (Head of Planning and Development at China Electricity Council), Zhou Fuqiu (researcher at the Energy Research Institute of NDRC). Over 100 representatives from research institutes, industrial associations, and the private sector attended the session. The experts were quoted by key industry media and Guangdong local media, including China Environmental News and Southern Metropolis Daily.