Honor-Based Incentive Mechanism: Promoting Low-Carbon Behaviors with Big Cities and Leading Enterprises


Low-carbon consumption is a critical component in meeting China’s climate target. Government agencies and companies have tried to provide food or service coupons as incentives to encourage more people to live a greener life. However, due to limited funding and resources, the mechanism didn’t work very well. NRDC collaborates with Center for Environmental Education and Communications of Ministry of Ecology and Environment (CEEC) and Shandao, a leading CSR consulting firm, to advocate for honor-based incentive mechanism, which aims to motivate people by honoring their low-carbon behaviors, such as an online credential or a like from a celebrity. On May 16, NRDC and partners held a workshop to invite representatives from big cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou, and from leading enterprises such as Tencent, Ant Group, and DiDi to share their views on the honor-based mechanism and their practices on promoting low-carbon behaviors. The city and enterprise representatives all agreed that an honor-based incentive mechanism has a good potential to promote low-carbon lifestyle. The participants emphasized that a unified methodology for carbon accounting endorsed by industry experts and relevant stakeholders is necessary to foster collaborative efforts. The honor-based incentive mechanism report will be finalized and released this summer .