BRI Report Released at the BRIGC Roundtable


MEE Minister Huang Runqiu speaking at the event @BRIGC 

On May 10, the BRI International Green Development Coalition (BRIGC), with support from the Ministry of Ecology and Environment (MEE), convened its first General Assembly and a roundtable in Beijing. MEE Minister Huang Runqiu and Vice Minister Zhao Yingmin spoke at the event. NRDC worked with BRIGC to conduct research to promote green and low-carbon transition for ASEAN Member States. The final report was released at the roundtable. The report reviewed the challenges for the ten ASEAN countries in funding, policy, and technology, and categorizes the them into four distinct groups to provide tailored policy recommendations for their green energy transition. The report also analyzes and identifies potentials and opportunities for cooperation between China and ASEAN countries, laying the ground for concrete low-carbon cooperation in the future.