Climate-Friendly Financial Institutions Salon II: Climate Information Disclosure



Timely and accurate climate-related disclosures are vital in mobilizing financial institutions to tunnel more capitals to climate friendly investments. On May 6, NRDC and the Climate Investment and Finance Association (CIFA) organized the second Climate-Friendly Financial Institutions Salon focusing on climate-related disclosure. The salon invited three leading experts from China Institute of Finance and Capital Markets, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China and Shanghai Environment and Energy Exchange to share their insights on current practices, challenges, and future trends of climate-related disclosure. In recent years, central and local governments have released a series of standards and policy guidance of ESG and climate-related disclosure. Though some financial institutions have started to disclose accordingly, there is quite some room for improvement. The experts emphasized that a unified standard for disclosure should be in place. Carbon accounting standards and methodologies are also crucial in order to improve disclosure quality and to reduce the relevant cost. The salon is a key industry gathering to help raise awareness of key issues and develop consensus.