End-Users Are Key to an Economic New Power System



Unleashing the vast potential of demand-side resources to help meet China’s climate commitments was a common theme emphasized by speakers at the NRDC salon on constructing a New Power System held on April 23. In particular, the experts from government agencies and research institutes called for shifting the thinking from a generator and grid-based planning approach to a user-centric market approach, with end users taking on more responsibilities as prosumers in the market and energy transition. This would require comprehensive and well-functioning power market and pricing mechanisms to incentivize the end-users’ participation. The salon participants also advocated for an in-depth and innovative analysis of how distributed power grids and demand-side resources lower the transition cost. This event is the 9th salon in a series that NRDC jointly held with the China Energy Research Society to support China’s power sector decarbonization. This event and the experts’ views were widely disseminated by major Chinese media, including Energy Magazine and China News Service.