Advocating for Transition Finance to Stakeholders in Shenzhen


Panel discussion @Shenzhen Green Finance Association 

NRDC and Syntao Green Finance supported Shenzhen Green Finance Association in organizing a workshop on the progress and experience on transition finance in China and abroad on June 16 in Shenzhen. Deputy Director of the Shenzhen Local Financial Supervision and Administration Bureau, the Head of Shenzhen Rural Commercial Bank, and representative from Shenzhen local financial supervision agency, financial institutions, enterprises and NGOs attended the workshop. Over 110,000 audience joined the workshop online. The workshop invited Asia Pacific Director of the Glasgow Net Zero Financial Alliance (GFANZ) Yuki Yasui to introduce GFANZ framework on transition finance, which empowers financial institutions in supporting an orderly transition of the real economy. The panel discussion invited experts from commercial banks, stock exchange, futures companies, funds and NRDC to discuss the progress, plans and challenges of investment portfolio transition, and explore how financial institutions and enterprises can work together to promote transformation. As emphasized by NRDC Climate Finance Manager Cheng Yuxin, instead of passively responding to policies, actively creating demand will place financial institutions in a better and more competitive position in the future market.