Supporting Climate Investment and Finance Pilot Development


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The Ministry of Ecology and Environment (MEE) approved 23 climate investment and finance pilots, with an aim to cultivate climate friendly market entities and explore innovative business models. In order to support the pilot work of climate investment and finance, particularly to facilitate the synergy between finance and industries, NRDC supported the Climate Investment and Finance Association (CIFA) to convene a high-profile industry workshop in Xixian New Area in Xi An City, Shanxi Province, one of the 23 Climate Investment and Finance Pilots. Officials from MEE Department of Climate, National Financial Supervision and Administration Bureau, Shaanxi Provincial Department of Ecology and Environment spoke at the workshop. On behalf of NRDC, Mona Yew, the Deputy Director for China Program, highlighted that the scaling climate investment and finance demands mobilizing diverse financial capitals in addition to the banking sector and more innovative financial solutions. Experts from China Development Bank, Industrial Bank, China General Consulting Investment Co., Ltd., among others, shared experience and insights regarding development finance, carbon market, eco-environment-oriented development (EOD) and other topics with over 150 participants from financial institutions and companies.