Taiyuan Low-Carbon Forum: Enhancing Climate Finance


NRDC co-organized the Climate Finance Parallel Forum at the 2023 Taiyuan Energy Low-Carbon Development Forum on September 6. Taiyuan is one of the first 23 climate investment and finance pilots approved by the government. NRDC has been working with Shanxi Co-share to support the pilot policy development for Taiyuan. 

Manish Bapna, NRDC President & CEO, gave a speech via video, emphasizing that we can combine international expertise and local experience and make tailored solutions to climate financing challenges through collaboration. 

Jieqing Zhang, NRDC China Country Director, joined the roundtable session with experts from the Climate Bonds Initiative, China Central University of Finance and Economics, China Industrial Bank, Shanxi International Energy Group, and Shanxi Bank. She emphasized that carbon neutrality requires provinces traditionally known for their resources to change their approach to development. In addition, to tackle the challenges brought by the transition, the central and local governments should bring favorable polices to aid the transition and encourage the public and financial institutes to provide support. 

The parallel forum and expert quotes were covered by key media, including Xinhua News Agency, China Environment News, China Economic Times, and China Development Net.