Ordos Roundtable: Achieve Energy Transition While Ensuring Energy Security


Ordos is a key energy base in China and an economic pillar in Inner Mongolia. Coal and related industries make up more than 50% of the city’s economy. On September 12, NRDC, together with the Institute of Energy at Peking University, held a roundtable discussion in Ordos on “Energy Strategies and Dual Carbon Goals”, inviting policy makers and industry experts to exchange insights on local energy transition and pathways for industrial and energy structure reform of Ordos. 

The research team, led by Yufeng Yang from the Institute of Energy, presented preliminary research findings from their joint project with NRDC to kickstart the roundtable discussion. The research project aims to provide a reference for Ordos to achieve energy transition while ensuring energy security. 

The research findings and expert insights were covered by top industry media, including China Energy News (print and WeChat) and China Coal News. The latter was reposted on Xuexi.cn, which has a broad audience from government agencies.