2016 International Workshop on China Coal Consumption Cap and Energy Transition Held in Beijing



On November 1-2, 2016, as part of the NRDC's efforts to help transition China's energy system away from coal, the NRDC China Coal Cap Project organized the China Coal Consumption Cap and Energy Transition International Workshop in Beijing. This workshop was co-organized with the China Energy Conservation Association, in collaboration with five other domestic and international NGOs. In attendance were over 400 participants, including governmental officials, Chinese and foreign experts in the environment and energy field, along with members from research organizations, enterprises, NGOs, and the media. Participants came together for a deep and open conversation on how China can implement its 13th Five-Year coal cap plan so as to support supply-side reform, push for a structural energy transition, promote China's green, low-carbon economic development, and achieve its developmental targets. 

Please click here to download workshop materials.