NRDC Supports China’s Climate Law Research and Field Studies



NRDC helped the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) organize a visit to the United States and Mexico from July 12 to 19 to research climate change legislation. The Chinese delegation was led by a Deputy Director General of NDRC's Department of Climate Change and consisted of officials from NDRC, the National People's Congress (NPC), and the State Council, as well as researchers from China University of Political Science and Law and the National Center for Strategic Cooperation on Climate Change of NDRC. The group sought to understand U.S. legal and institutional frameworks at the federal and state level and legal enforcement approaches for reducing GHG emissions. To help the delegation prepare for a productive visit, NRDC produced a white paper on "U.S. Legislation and Regulations to Address Climate Change." The delegation's U.S. visit included meetings with the Environmental Protection Agency, Congressional staffers, climate law and policy experts, and NRDC lawyers. The delegation brought back lessons learned from the two countries to inform China's drafting of its climate change legislation.