Contributes to Amendment of Beijing’s Air Pollution Alert Contingency Plan



NRDC, together with a dozen of international and local NGOs, was invited to participate in the amendment of local air pollution alert and contingency plan. The air pollution alert system allows local residents time to prepare themselves and their families for the onslaught of poor air quality. The contingency plan also imposes temporary pollution reduction measures, which includes  restricting vehicle traffic, suspending outdoor construction activities, and shutting down or reducing industrial production. Our Environmental Law Project Director, Wang Yan, suggested that Beijing's plan should follow the amended China Air Pollution Law released early this year, which includes regular implementation evaluation. She also emphasized the importance of strengthening coordination with neighboring cities and provinces and improving information sharing. The participants at the amendment session pointed out that the primary cause of Beijing's smog is the coal burned in factories, power plants and homes outside of central Beijing. In December, 2015, the city released its first two "red alerts" (highest-level) for air pollution.