China Coal Cap Project Promotes Green Development of the Cement Industry



The China coal cap project team visited China Resources Cement (CRC) in southern China from January 17-19, with both parties agreeing to cooperate on future experience sharing in green, energy-efficient, and environmentally-friendly cement production. The cement industry is one of the most energy intensive of all manufacturing industries and relies heavily on coal. One key goal of the coal cap project is to demonstrate best industry practices for the reduction of coal consumption. CRC is an industry leader that values circular economy, energy saving, and emission reduction and will join NRDC to highlight how cement enterprises can further reduce their coal consumption and environmental impact. China coal cap project team also made site visits to urban waste and urban sludge co-processing projects of CRC in Guangxi Province. Through co-combustion in cement kilns, urban waste and sludge can be treated in a hazard-free and recyclable manner, avoiding the problems of land use and secondary pollution caused by urban waste landfills.