Strategic Energy Management Project Reaches Milestone


NRDC held the second annual project advisory meeting for its Strategic Energy Management (SEM) in Suzhou on May 13 to review project achievements to date. The project team reported on the energy audits, SEM capacity building, and one-on-one coaching provided to the six participating enterprises, four of whom presented on their companies' specific actions. Notably, all 6 participating companies have developed their internal SEM protocols and documents, as well as implemented a total of 24 energy efficiency measures resulting in nearly 5000 tons of coal equivalent (tce) saved. The project advisors acknowledged the successes of the project, and made valuable suggestions to next steps. Particularly, the advisors recommended leveraging the catalytic role of supply chains, developing user-friendly energy management standards, and building capacity for SEM third parties, to name a few.

 Following the advisory meeting, NRDC held a training workshop for government officials from municipal energy conservation centers in Jiangsu Province on May 14, to showcase SEM pilot experience and prospects of replicating this practice in other cities of China. The workshop participants expressed strong interest in helping their respective local enterprises capture continuous energy management benefits through SEM projects. NRDC has already begun working with partners to develop SEM case studies for dissemination and national energy management standards for small-medium enterprises.