Capacity building on at-sea Observers and Cooperative management in China’s TAC pilots


On November 27th, 2017, NRDC supported Bureau of Fisheries of MOA and Shanghai Ocean University with the 2017 international workshop on Total Allowable Catch (TAC) system in Hangzhou. NRDC invited fisheries experts from the U.S. and Australia to share experience and case studies on catch monitoring and cooperative quota management, two key catch monitoring compliance strategies of Shandong and Zhejiang TAC pilots that were launched early this year. The Observer Program, an effective approach of catch monitoring, was added to the Zhejiang pilot after the Alaska study tour facilitated by NRDC last July. Over 60 senior Chinese fishery managers and experts from MOA and 11 coastal provinces attended this workshop, including the Deputy Director of the Fishery Bureau and the Vice President of Shanghai Ocean University. NRDC also provided extensive support to the 2016 international workshop and compiled the proceeding for government officials and researchers to reference.