Study Tour on New England Fisheries Conservation and Management Experience


NRDC facilitated a study tour for a delegation of fishery officials and scientists from China’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and four coastal provinces. The purpose of the study tour was to help the delegation learn about New England’s fisheries management and conservation systems, with a focus on multi-species fisheries management. The week-long study tour, from July 29 to August 5, included visits to the NOAA Fisheries Greater Atlantic Regional Fisheries Office, the New England Fisheries Management Council, the Northeast Fisheries Science Center, the Maine Department of Marine Resources, the Center for Coastal Studies, the US Coast Guard, and the Cape Cod Commercial Fishermen's Alliance. The delegation also went on a field trip to the New Bedford fishing port and Chatham Pier, gaining firsthand knowledge about local fishing vessels and gear. The study tour enabled the delegation to exchange information and views on related issues with their U.S. peers.