Fortifying Shijiazhuang in its Battle for Blue Skies through Dispersed Coal Governance


Dispersed coal refers to coal burnt directly by households or small businesses, often in rural areas, which contributes significantly to air pollution in northern China, especially during heating season. Raising local awareness and improving local capacity in dispersed coal governance are crucial for China to win the battle for blue skies. To that end, NRDC along with Hebei Mabeizhan Law Firm, and UN Environment - CUPL Environmental Law Academy, organized a training in Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province, which is one of the most polluted cities in China. The training aimed to improve the capacity of local environmental agencies and organizations in the implementation and enforcement of air pollution control and dispersed coal regulation. About 80 representatives from local environmental protection agencies, academia, private sector, environmental NGOs, and rural communities participated in the training and engaged in panel discussions. 

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