Advocating for Strengthening Regulations of Auctions of Ivory Relics in China


As part of our work to curb elephant poaching and ivory trafficking, NRDC presented relics and antique ivory policy recommendations in a CITES Enforcement Training Workshop in Shanghai. The workshop was hosted by the Shanghai Natural Resources Management Office on February 26, attracting over 100 officials and representatives from different relevant government agencies in the Yangtze River Delta area, including CITES Management Authority of China, the Forestry Bureau, and the Bureau of Culture Relics and Customs. The key stakeholders in the area, including 19 major auction houses, 4 of the 6 largest courier companies in China, Alibaba (online shopping), George Armani and Christine Dior attended the workshop. During the presentation, NRDC called for stricter and more coherent regulations at both national and provincial levels for auctions of ivory cultural relics, the only exemption in China's domestic ivory trade ban.