Reducing Coal and Oil Consumption to Support Low Carbon City Development


To reduce coal and oil use and to promote low-carbon urbanization in cities, the China Coal Cap Project and Oil Cap Project released two reports on August 15 - “Study on Wuhan’s Total Coal Consumption Cap Plan and Policy in the Latter Period of the 13th Five-Year Plan” and “Carbon Reduction Pathways for Hangzhou under the Oil Cap Scenario”. The recommendations proposed by the first report will help Wuhan to further reduce its coal consumption and achieve the city’s 13th Five-Year plan coal cap targets. The recommendations proposed by the second report will help Hangzhou reach peak oil consumption as early as 2023. As national low-carbon pilot cities, the efforts to cap coal and oil use in Wuhan and Hangzhou will help to inform their peer cities’ decision making for low-carbon urbanization. NRDC organized a roundtable discussion at the event with 10 other international NGOs to discuss how to address challenges and opportunities for early emissions peaking in Chinese cities. Experts from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences City Development and Environment Institute, Wuhan Planning & Design Institute and Hangzhou Environment Information Center also participated in the discussion. Representatives from government agencies, domestic and overseas research institutes, enterprises and environmental NGOs attended the event.