Helping Fisheries Improve Catch Monitoring System


Bringing international experience and expertise on catch monitoring to China has been an effective way to support our local partners. NRDC invited Steve Box, the Managing Director of Fish Forever of Rare, on a week-long tour to China from November 30 to December 5. Mr. Box has over 20 years of experience, in over 10 developing countries, helping fishing communities to collect data and manage their fisheries through behavior change. Mr. Box and NRDC’s fishery team gave presentations on data collection at the international fishery monitoring workshop held in Zhanjiang of Guangdong Province and at the Zhejiang Marine Fishes Research Institute, respectively. In Zhejiang Province, they also visited two fishery associations, the Taizhou Fishery Bureau which oversees China’s first Total Allowable Catch and fishing port reform pilots, and the port officers based in Shitang Town for information exchange and discussion. Mr. Box provided his insights on the opportunities to improve China’s fishery data collection system for decision-making in the future, as well as suggestions for NRDC’s fishery team’s future work.