A Decade’s Effort of Promoting Pollution Information Transparency in China


As part of our environmental transparency initiative in China, NRDC jointly held the tenth PITI annual report Conference - Achievements of One Decade - with our partner, the Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs (IPE) in Beijing on January 6th. PITI is a quantitative index that assesses and ranks the pollution source information disclosure performance of 120 major cities in China. This new report marks the tenth consecutive year that NRDC and IPE have assessed pollution information transparency in key Chinese cities. When the PITI evaluation was launched in 2008, there were only 24,000 violation records publicly available. After a decade, the violation records publicly available exceeded 1.6 million. The improvement of information transparency has helped China’s environmental protection work. The local environmental protection officials at the event shared best practices on PITI, which helped them obtain more understanding and support from the public. The participants from governmental agencies, research institutes and local NGOs reviewed the progress made by PITI and proposed to enhance the evaluation by extending it from city government to business pollution information transparency and from stationary pollution source to mobile pollution source.