Research on a Coal Consumption Cap in the Industrial Sector



The China Coal Cap Project released two research reports in July 2015. Prepared by the Energy Research Institute of the National Development and Reform Commission in collaboration with industry associations, "Research on a Coal Consumption Cap in the Industrial Sector" recommends coal cap targets and industrial upgrade policies for key coal-consuming industries such as the power sector, iron and steel, cement, coal chemicals and buildings. "Health and Environmental Co-Benefits Coal Cap Policy" was prepared by the Institute for Energy, Environment and Economy at Tsinghua University, incorporating research findings from other coal cap project partners. The report quantifies the significant co-benefits of a coal cap policy for water and air quality, public health, energy transition, employment and coal industry health and safety, amounting to 170 billion, 740 billion, and 810 billion RMB by 2020, 2030, and 2050 respectively. The China Coal Cap Project is also preparing to host the "International Workshop on China Coal Cap Strategy: Looking Forward to the 13th Five Year Plan" in Beijing on November 4, 2015, at which it will release a third report on "Recommendations for the 13th Five Year Plan Coal Consumption Cap Strategy in China."