Accelerating the Green Ports Development in China


China is home to seven of the world's top ten ports and processes 30 percent of the world's shipping containers every year. Port and shipping emissions have become one of the major sources of air pollution for densely populated coastal cities in China. Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for port planning has played an important role in integrating prevention and mitigation measures into the decision-making of port development and expansion. However, port-related mobile sources assessment was limited or even a missing piece in China’s port planning EIA practice. On June 8, NRDC released a new report to introduce international experiences on integrating impacts of mobile sources (heavy-duty trucks, port equipment, ships, and locomotives) into the port EIA. Policy recommendations are summarized to support China improving its mobile source air pollution assessment in port planning EIA. The report received positive responses from the industry experts and was covered by state media and industry media, including Xinhua News Agency and China Energy News. It will help China to accelerate its efforts in building world-class green ports.