Report on the First Utility-led Program to Make Use of Electric Vehicles as a Flexible Resource for the Grid


In 2019, NRDC, together with Shanghai Electric Company, initiated China’s first demand response pilot program for electric vehicles (EV), which allows EV companies and charging service providers to decide whether to charge based on signals from utilities. The pilot aimed to explore how managed EV charging could improve the overall efficiency of the grid and design business models for EV charging to be aggregated into a resource that has a market value. On June 3, NRDC, in partnership with China EV100, released a historic report providing an in-depth analysis on the pilot program results, “Outlook on Business Models for EV-Grid Integration: Analysis on EV DR Pilot Program Results in Shanghai”(currently only available in Chinese). The report findings were covered by state media and industry media, including Xinhua and Southern Energy Observation Magazine. Learn more about the pilot project and the report in this blog by Barbara Finamore and Hyoungmi Kim. Our 2018 EV report on the potential and economics of EV smart charging was recently cited by IEA’s Global EV Outlook 2020.