Advocating for a Strong Legal Framework for Energy Development and Utilization


China issued a revised draft of its long-awaited national Energy Law for public comment earlier this year. The earliest draft of the proposed law was released more than a decade ago, but the drafting process stalled during subsequent revisions, in part due to the level of coordination needed among multiple sectors and industries. The re-issued draft law signals China’s determination to meet its growing energy needs while achieving its goals for resource conservation, environmental protection and sustainable economic development. NRDC submitted detailed public comments on the proposed law on May 8, calling for greater recognition of the linkage between energy and the environment, and proposed edits that would help expedite the reduction of fossil fuels, enable higher penetrations of renewable energy and energy efficiency, and enhance information transparency and public engagement to aid law implementation. The proposed law, if adopted, would become China’s first national Energy Law and set the legal framework for how energy will be developed and utilized for years to come.