China Coal Cap Project Hosts Phase Three Launch Meeting


The China Coal Cap Project held the launch meeting for Phase Three of the project in Beijing on March 15, 2016. Building on the research of the past two years, the Phase Three project will conduct research on setting coal cap targets and planning implementation for key coal-consuming provinces, industries, and cities. Experts from the Research Steering Committee, project partners, and stakeholder representatives attended the meeting. NRDC's Dr. Fuqiang Yang introduced the framework and requirements of the Phase Three project. Research Steering Committee experts outlined the achievements of the project thus far, and provided suggestions for Phase Three. Research institutions, industry associations, and representatives from Shandong, Inner Mongolia, Wuhan, Shijiazhuang, Xi'an, and cement and real estate companies also contributed ideas and key tasks for this year's research. Over 80 participants attended the launch meeting, including international partners as well as other experts in the field.