Brainstorming around China’s Electrification Goals and Pathway for the 14th FYP and beyond


Photo by Shijike 

Increasing renewable energy penetration and the electrification of end-use sectors are effective means of addressing climate change. With China’s latest commitment to peak carbon emissions before 2030 and reach carbon neutrality by 2060, increased ambition is needed in the 14th Five Year Plan, China's top-level policy blueprint for 2021–2025. To provide constructive input, NRDC and the China Energy Research Society (CERS) jointly held a High-Level Power Sector Roundtable in Beijing on October 23. The roundtable focused on electrification goals and pathways for the 14th FYP and with an outlook for 2060. Presenters included the former Chief Engineer of NEA and Prof. Zeng Ming from the Northern China University of Electric Power. Their presentations were “Views on Electrification for the 14th FYP and 2060” and “Integrated Energy System and Comprehensive Energy Services” respectively. The participants urged an increased commitment on energy efficiency, renewables development, and enhanced replacement of fossil fuel with electricity in major end-use sectors in the 14th FYP. They also recommended institutional, policy and market reforms needed to make the power sector zero-carbon and support the 2060 goal.