First Report Launched to Promote Low/Zero-Emission Shipping in China


China has made significant progress in combating air pollution from shipping. While current policies have considerably reduced sulfur and particulate pollution in port cities, their impact on nitrogen oxide (NOx) pollution from shipping has been limited. NOx is an ozone precursor and also contributes to PM2.5 emissions. As policymakers are now deliberating the new Five-Year Plan, we developed a report that reviews best practices in Europe and the US in advancing low/zero-emissions solutions on domestic shipping. The report aims to serve as a reference for policymaking on curbing shipping-generated NOx and ozone pollution, and for devising a roadmap for co-controlling air and carbon pollution from ships. The report was released on July 28. A senior official from the Norwegian Ministry of Climate and Environment, and Chief Researcher of the research arm of China’s Ministry of Transport attended the online report release webinar and highly commended our report. Report findings were covered by key financial and industry media, including Caixin and China Shipping Press.