Wildlife Law&Governance Workshop II: Wild Bird Protection


Photo by Shijike

NRDC hosted the second workshop of its Wildlife Law and Governance series on April 16, in a collaboration between NRDC, the China Wildlife Conservation Association (CWCA), and the Research Institute of Environmental Law at Wuhan University (RIEL). The virtual workshop built upon wildlife law and policy development insights shared at the March 2 launch event to include a specific focus on the protection of China’s wild bird species. The event was coordinated with the beginning of China’s 40th National Bird Appreciation Week, a months-long nationwide public education campaign for bird protection. Experts discussed the challenges and policy solutions associated with wild bird protection in China as well as the importance of complementing laws and regulations with scientific research to effectively prevent crimes against wildlife. Expert insights from the workshop were quoted by People’s Daily, China Green Daily by the National Forestry and Grassland Administration, and China Environment News by the Ministry of Ecology and Environment.