MPA Report Published on World Ocean Day



China is a country rich in marine biodiversity. To celebrate World Ocean Day 2021: Life and Livelihoods, NRDC issued a report entitled, "Compilation of Fisheries Management Policies in Marine Protected Areas in the United States." The compilation gives a brief introduction to the MPA systems at both the federal and state levels and outlines the fisheries management policies in a sample of MPAs within these systems. These MPAs span a variety of habitats, from remote islands in the Pacific to coastal areas adjacent to human populations, and were selected to provide examples of management across a wide range of regions and types. The fishery management policies in these MPAs play an important role in protecting biodiversity, enhancing ecological resilience, and providing fishery benefits outside the protected areas. NRDC hopes that this compilation will provide a useful reference for China as it formulates its own MPA policies.