Report: How do Governments and Enterprises in China Promote Individual Low-carbon Consumption?


Carbon emissions generated in China have reached approximately 7 tons per capita. A recent report by Carbonstop, a Chinese company specializing in carbon emissions research, suggests that there is substantial potential for megacity residents in China to reduce annual carbon emissions by more than 1 ton per person if they adopt a low-carbon lifestyle. In recognition of this opportunity, NRDC released a report on April 27 that introduces and analyzes the efforts of local governments and leading enterprises to promote low carbon consumption among individuals and proposes the development of a multi-stakeholder collaboration network of NGOs, enterprises, and local governments. The network would work with these stakeholders to develop a scientific standard of carbon accounting to ensure that the same behaviors are evaluated in a uniform way across cities and enterprises. It would also identify and collaborate with early individual adopters of the low-carbon lifestyle and motivate others to join them. Together, these efforts would galvanize stakeholders to collaborate and create a robust market for low-carbon consumption in China and empower individuals to help the country achieve its carbon neutrality goals. The report was covered by The Paper, People’s Daily, China Environment News, etc.