Introducing Viable Green FinTech Solutions to Leading Financial Institutions


The rapid growth of FinTech is primed to become the engine of innovative green finance solutions. On July 15th, NRDC cohosted a workshop on Fintech and Green Finance with the Tianjin Carbon Exchange (TCX) and shared the organizations’ co-research findings on green FinTech solutions for climate change. Supported by the Innovation and Development Bureau of Tianjin Free Trade Zone and Tianjin Binhai District Financial Bureau, the workshop aimed to introduce best practices and expand the adaptation of FinTech solutions for climate goals. Ant Financial, New Energy Nexus, IPE, and Lianhe Equator Environmental Impact Assessment Company, presented on their innovative FinTech cases and research. For example, IPE developed a digital model to help banks identify environmental and climate risks in loan decision-making. Stakeholders from more than ten leading financial institutions and Tianjin government agencies participated in the workshop.  Carbon footprints calculated by TCX made this a unique carbon neutral meeting.