NGO Seminar on Promoting Low-carbon Lifestyles in China


Photo @Eddie Zhang on Unsplash 

To accelerate the pace at which China accomplishes is carbon peaking and neutrality goals, and to engage the public in reducing carbon emissions in their daily life, China launched the Annual National Energy Conservation Publicity Week with the theme of “Energy-saving, Carbon Reduction, and Green Development”. Supported by the National Energy Conservation Center under the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), NRDC held an online Low-Carbon Lifestyle seminar on August 26th to discuss how NGOs can collaborate to advocate for low-carbon lifestyle measures in China. Representatives from international and local NGOs, including C40, EFC, Friends of Nature, IPE, Vanke Foundation, WildAid, WRI and WWF participated in the seminar and introduced their respective practices of raising awareness, greening supply chain, empowering communities, etc. Feng Jia, the Director of the Center for Environmental Education and Communication at the Ministry of Ecology and Environment delivered a speech on the importance of reducing consumption-based carbon emissions. He emphasized we are at a turning point, in which extreme weather events are arousing significant public concern, and that NGOs should seize the moment and cooperate with each other and partners from other sectors to further promote individual low-carbon behaviors. During the seminar, representatives also expressed their willingness to regularly update each other on their work and identify future collaboration opportunities.