Supporting Coal Mine Remediation for Ecological Protection and Solar Energy Development


NRDC and local representatives visiting the Burtai coal mine ecological restoration and solar development project @NRDC 

As the largest coal-producing and consuming region in China, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region faces huge challenges in meeting the “3060” targets. To help the region peak its carbon emissions, NRDC joined the Ordos Forestry and Grassland Office on an onsite visit of the Burtai coal mine outside of Ordos, which is owned by China Energy Shendong Coal and has been redeveloped for ecological protection and solar power development. 

Local guides explained local ecological restoration practices and the photovoltaic re-development of the mine. Participants examined the efficacy of repurposing abandoned coal mines for ecological restoration and renewable energy generation to minimize carbon emissions. After the visit, NRDC and its partners discussed findings from their research report that highlight the experiences and lessons of the Burtai project that are crucial for helping Inner Mongolia achieve its carbon peaking goals. Feedback was given by experts and officials from the Inner Mongolia and Ordos Forestry and Grassland Bureau, Ordos NDRC, Ordos Ecology and Environment Bureau, China Energy Shendong Coal, and Shengyuan Energy. NRDC will continue to work closely with local partners to explore pathways for Inner Mongolia to peak its carbon emissions as early and as low as possible.