Support Thriving Nature and Community in Qinghai


Photo @NRDC 

To support the development of a national park system in Qinghai Province and build capacity of managers and villagers in the protected areas, NRDC, along with TNC, WCS, and WWF, recently donated motorcycles to anti-poaching patrol groups.  NRDC also jointly organized a management training session for protection station managers and rangers at Maixiu Forest Farm in the Three-River Headwater Region. This region forms one of the most important nature reserves in China because of its abundant water resources and biodiversity. It is the origin of three major rivers including the Yellow River and Yangtze River that are regarded as mother rivers by the Chinese people. Interviews with villagers in the nature reserve were conducted to further explore opportunities for green transition in the community to promote enhanced biodiversity and climate protections. Mr. Meng Xianlin, the Director-General of the International Cooperation Department of the National Forestry and Grassland Administration, spoke highly of the international cooperation on ecological protection exemplified by such events. NRDC is partnering with Maixiu Forest Farm and a research team from Beijing Forestry University to explore community transition solutions in the protected areas to maximize the tangible benefits that nature can provide to communities to secure a thriving and harmonious future.