Realizing the Greater Value of EVs through Vehicle-Grid Integration


Photo@Michael Marais on Unsplash  

Electric vehicle (EV) ownership in China is expected to reach 100 million by 2030 and 200 million by 2035. At such scale, vehicle-grid integration (VGI) poses both a potential challenge and an incredible opportunity to leverage EVs for improving power grid stability, integrating more renewable energy, and capitalizing on the value of energy storage. As VGI efforts in China are still in the pilot stage, NRDC collaborated with the Energy Research Institute (ERI) of the National Development and Reform Commission to develop a deep-dive analysis on VGI policy and case studies in China to support VGI scale-up. NRDC also collaborated with China EV100 to develop an EV-Grid Integration Capacity Building Guidebook to educate EV industry stakeholders on how to engage EV customers in VGI projects. Together, these two complementary reports offer the first comprehensive and systematic look at VGI in China from the fields of policy, technology, and economics as well as user guidance and business models, and policy recommendations. The findings and recommendations from the two reports were released on September 26 with more than 50 representatives from major utility companies, EV manufacturers, charging industry, aggregators, and NGOs attending in-person and online. Industry experts highly praised the achievements of the research teams and shared their optimistic expectations of VGI’s role in the net-zero transportation future. The two full reports will be released to the public in October 2021.