Helping Coal-intensive Industries Peak Carbon Emissions


On October 19, NRDC and the Chinese Academy of Environmental Planning (CAEP) held a seminar to share research findings on Coal Consumption Control and the Carbon Peaking Roadmap for Key Industrial Sectors. NRDC and CAEP launched the research earlier this year to develop roadmaps for four energy-intensive industries – power, steel, cement, and coal chemicals which represent 70% of national coal consumption – to help these sectors transition away from coal more rapidly and peak carbon emissions as soon as possible. According to the research findings, the coal power industry, for example, can peak its coal consumption during the next five-year plan period (2026-2030), which inspires confidence in China’s ability to realize its carbon peaking goal by 2030. The seminar invited officials from the Planning Department and Climate Department at the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, the deputy head of CAEP and experts from Energy Fundamentals and Management, the Energy Institute at State Grid, the China Steel Development Research Institute, the China Cement Association and the China Coal Producing & Utilization Association.