Promoting Green Shipping at A Prominent Annual Environmental Science Forum


Photo@Chris Pagan on Unsplash

On October 20, the Annual Forum of the Chinese Society of Environmental Sciences was held in Tianjin. NRDC experts were invited to a sub-forum on “Green and Low-carbon Shipping and Basin Legislation and Enforcement”. NRDC Senior Consultant, Freda Fung, presented the latest developments on low/zero-emission marine fuels and technologies. Researchers from Transport & Environment (an EU environmental group), UMAS (a shipping consulting firm), and the China Waterborne Transport Research Institute shared insights on green shipping efforts in EU and China that aim to tackle both air pollution and climate change. The experts agreed that, in the context of climate change and China’s dual carbon goals, further research and detailed implementation mechanisms are necessary to curb air pollution from ships and facilitate and strengthen basin governance.