Carbon-Intensive Industries to Peak Coal Consumption and Carbon Emissions in 2025



On December 23, NRDC and the Chinese Academy of Environmental Planning (CAEP) held a webinar to launch a joint report entitled Coal Consumption Control and Carbon Peaking Roadmap for Key Industrial Sectors. Power generation, steel, cement, and coal-chemical are China’s top coal-consuming industries and account for 72% of the nation’s carbon emissions. Based on the new research by NRDC and CAEP, these four sectors collectively can peak their coal consumption at 2.49 billion tons of coal equivalent (tce) and carbon dioxide emissions at 8.01 billion tons in 2025. Mr. Dai Yande, Former Head of the Energy Research Institute, and Mr. Pan Jiahua, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences—both leading climate and energy experts—shared their insights on capping coal use in these four sectors. Policymakers from the Ministry of Ecology and Environment provided positive feedback on the research findings.