Roundtables Promoting Consensus toward a New Power System


@Anders J on Unsplash  

The High-Level Power Sector Roundtable (PSR), NRDC’s long-term stakeholder engagement mechanism, rolled out the first two of this year’s salon events on constructing a “new power system” characterized by a high penetration of renewable energy. The two events, one on the power grid system and the other on market systems, aimed at promoting consensus among power industry experts regarding the grid and market systems’ role, characteristics, and challenges under the new power system. Senior experts from power system planning institute, grid company, academia, and think tanks, exchanged their views on how to adapt the grid and market systems to optimize power system operation and incentivize diverse market entities, as well as better integrate intermittent renewable energy and emerging demand-side resources such as electric vehicles, distributed energy and virtual power plants. Summaries of the experts’ insights were shared via the PSR’s and NRDC’s respective WeChat account for broader dissemination.